Friday, July 23, 2010

He (Muhammad) is the most professional scientist

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah is there anyone who wanna read this post. Wanna know the truth bout the title? Let's investigate. InsyaAllah I'll try to share my little knowledge with u all, my colleague. Did u ever know bout this Hadith? Rasulullah S.A.W said “man and woman are not alone, except syaitan will be the third party”. In this hadith, which one u think has related with science? Absolutely, man and woman. In engineering, we’ll learn bout CHARGE.
Frankly speaking, man and woman are similar with THE CHARGE. Before I’ll go further, let me brief bout charge. Atom is something tiny, that consist positive and negative charge. Therefore, when positive and negative charge meet, they will experience an attractive force.
Rasulullah S.A.W already knew bout this, before Einstein conclude his law of relativity, before Mendelev determine positive charge in his experiment on atom. Similarly, man can be consider as positive and woman as negative. When man and woman meet each other either in public or in the dark there still can bring fitnah. It is fitrah man and woman can know each other however there must not go beyond the boundary.
Recently, we heard more bout an abortion, especially, ANAK LUAR NIKAH. Who should be blamed? GOVERNMENT? Parents? Public? Each individu? I leave it to u.
Rasulullah is the most professional and expert in science. Why? Because he was teach by Jibril, whose his best friend also the messenger from Allah to give Wahyu. He also knew the attraction between male and female in terms of charge, the creation of man, the creation and uses of metal(Hadid).
In order field, I can conclude that our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is the super professional Prime Minister, Commander, Businessman, Dai’e, Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Lawyer and many more. It has been approved in Sirah Nabawiyyah. So, I want all of u that have read this, who his or her idol is beside Prophet Muhammad, please follow Him in all aspect. Wallahualam..

p/s- I’m apologize if there any words and meaning that not suitable. Truth, I’m lack in knowledge, the goods come from Allah and the bads come from me.
“Gunakan ilmu itu untuk membantu saudara seaqidah”

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  1. wow..never think about it before..thanx for the info..hehe..


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