Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lailatul Qadar

Last night, 21st Ramadhan, my mom wake me up for Tasbih prayers. Its too early. 2.30am. My eyes still asking me to sleep. Forcing myself, I woke on 3.50am. My mom prepared food for sahur at the kitchen. She has done her qiyamulail. Last year, we went to the mosque for qiyamulail. That time, Imam started at 3.30am. It is quite late and easier for me to wake up. hehehe..

I'm taking bath and wudu'. Then start Tasbih prayers 4 rakaat, following tahajjud 2 rakaat, taubat 2 rakaat, hajat 2 rakaat and not forgotten Istikharah 2 rakaat. Prayed alone, we can feel the aura of qiyamulail. And still we can do other solah. On 4.40am, I finished my qiyamulail. My mom took a rest a while. Me too.

After sahur, I watched outside, very calm and quite. On the way to the musolla for tarawih that night, I told my mom "Mom, may be tonight we can meet Lailatu Qadar." My mom just smile.

On 2.00pm, I returned hom after half day teaching at Sek Rendah Islam Darul Taqwa. Got some sadakah or maybe zakat from people, 5kg of rice, 1kg of sugar and 2 meters 'Kain Pasang' for baju raya. hahaha.. This month my family got 50kg of rice. This is sustenance(rezeki) work as a teacher. Back to my topic, my mom told me that our Ustazah shared that last night 21 ramadhan is Lailatul Qadar. She said on that evening 20 ramadhan, there is a different with sunlight. And on that night, she felt very calm difference likes always. My mom went outside before she prayed qiyamulail, and she told me she saw very beautiful, crystalline sky. Last year, we found a light very beautiful, glittering and spectrum on west.

Hopefully, my doa that night fulfilled by Allah. Especially during Istikharah and Hajat. hehehe.. Just kidding..

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