Tuesday, January 22, 2013



This event take place last year. I can remember when is the date. But if I check my albums again, I will know the date. Haha. Just for the introduction, when someone want to marry, there will have a chance for photographer to gain side income. This is one of my side income. Hehe. However, this is not the main point.

Marriage is all about relationship between man and woman, the legal relationship in Islam. Islam encourage people to marry in order to protect Iman, to spread offsprings and to guide family into Jannah. Currently, there is a trend for young man and woman to get marry early. For example, in third year study in degree, they get married. Hopefully, Allah bless them and help them. Marry early is a credited for man and woman because, at this age, the eagerness to doing such an illegal action likes zina is very high. Therefore, the solution is MARRIAGE.

May ALLAH bless all of you. :)

FROM: Haiqal Syahid

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